Fall is the perfect time to prepare for longer nights ahead. There's a good chance that you will be using your headlights more often during your commute to and/or from work, school, or just taking care of errands. When you switch the headlights on, you want to be confident that they are capable of providing you and other drivers the highest level of safety.

What To Check For:

1. Lenses - If your headlight lenses are foggy, cloudy, or yellow, now is a great time to consider having their optical clarity restored. Foggy/yellow lenses can greatly reduce light output and create glare for other drivers. Depending on the severity, you may choose to have them restored professionally or DIY with a popular restore kit found at your local auto parts store. Don't forget the tail lights and fog lights, they are just as important. Remember, your bulb's light output is only as good as the lenses they shine through.

2. Wires and Connectors - Its always a good idea to check the condition of wiring harnesses and connectors. This is especially true for older vehicles. You want to make sure the wire insulation is not frayed or cracked and no potential for electrical shorts. When checking the connectors/plugs, make sure they are not cracked or brittle and they snap snugly into their sockets.

3. Bulbs - Check your bulbs for for functionality and also check for equal brightness between left and right sides. If you have replaced a single bulb at some point in the past you may notice a difference in brightness and/or color.

By checking these three items and making the necessary fixes you will be safer on the road. If you determine you are in need of new bulbs, we can help you choose the right bulb for your most common driving conditions.

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